July 23, 2024

InterCasino is a truly international gaming site!

InterCasino has without doubt been one of the longest successfully surviving online casinos in the Internet space. Hardly surprising really, when we consider that they give players exactly what they want. It is an entertaining destination, widely sought out by the ‘jackpot chaser’.

Last month was a month of BIG winners…so, let’s hope that the season of giving, will be just as successful for players at this super site. On the 6th of November (a Tuesday), it all got started when Marcus M. won over $118,000 from the InterCasino Crazy Jackpot in an online slot called Conan the Barbarian (we kid you not). Just few hours later a player from Japan did even better, with a wonderful win of $179,162 on Rags to Riches – also a slot. This video slot game also happens coincidentally to be, one of InterCasino’s most popular PJP’s (progressive prize games).

The above information not only tells us that InterCasino is a truly international gaming site – hence the name InterCasino – but that this Internet gaming business which got started in 1996, is also the home of big winners. But why is this information good to know? It’s obvious isn’t it?!

If there are regular big winners at an online casino, this means it could be a winning site for us too, no matter where in the World we reside!

InterCasino offers a portfolio that includes the Millionaires Club Jackpot slot, which also makes this website a premium online destination. This is their flagship Jackpot, and the top prize currently listed at has now reached, and exceeded the mahoosive amount of $1.7 million. We’ll wager this prize could be just right for winning, and wouldn’t that be a record-breaking Xmas windfall?

Other prizes are currently looking really good too with Jolly Jetpack Santa, winging his way through the skies to drop twenty-five enticing gifts on good girls and boys (as long as they are members). He has some great gifts for players to rip off the wrapping, but that’s not all…

Life-changing prizes in the form of jackpots can be won on games such as Blackjack progressive with $61,184.40 and counting as the prize, Caribbean Stud Poker with $163,492.00 on offer, and Rags to Riches with more than $100K in the prize pot. There is so much more than this on offer too; new games, excitement, and the promise of some serious Inter-tainment.