July 23, 2024

Make Money on Betting

Always bets, most studied and analyzed as they are have the potential to fail, because there is always a part of the result which has to do with chance. Too many things are not planned and can happen at a sporting event that could cause the result is changed, much that we studied. Even the betting favorite, with very low fees for their chance, could result in unexpected results.

make money on betting

One strategy that can be good for football betting is to bet on a tie. If we look at the statistics of the First Division teams in any league, we see that tie more than we believe. Fees for ties average around generally 3 or 4 dollars.

To wear this betting strategy will have to make an initial bet all league games . Bet to draw in every game of each team, until each draw. Then suspend bets on those computers.

In order to understand better see this example:

So far, for example, I have played 6 days in the league and only 2 have had no tie. This means that already in the first day there were already many draws. If you bet $ 1 for a draw in each match in Round 1 bet $ 10. We see that there were 3 ties:

Day 1 to 10 bets, 3 draws: $ 10 bet – win $ 9 = – 1 $

Day 2 to 7 gambling (6 teams and tied), 2 draws: bet $ 7 – $ 6 = -1 gain $

Day 3 to 5 bets (we took the 2 teams who tied the previous day, if there are repeated from the previous days), 2 draws: bet $ 5 – $ 6 = +1 Gain $.

Day 4 to 3 bets, 3 draws: bet 3 $ – $ 6 = +3 gain $.

With the 4 days, and assuming a fee not exceeding 3 $, and we had a small profit. Generally, the fee is more than 3 $, so the first day and we would gain.

There might be computers, spending the days, no tie, either because they always win or lose forever. To prevent this computer bets from eating our money, we can opt for something simple: once our net earnings exceed bet we did, we ended up with gambling. We can expect the following month, for example, to start over.